How to Match Roof Shingles to House Color

In Roofing by Adam Jolley

Around 25% of the heat produced in a home will escape through the roof. This part of the building is vital to protect, insulate, and it covers a vast exterior surface. But just how much consideration do you give it when it comes to the look of your house?

Part of that is down to choosing the right tone to match the property. Read on as we discuss how to match roof shingles to house color. 

How to Match Roof Shingles to House Color

roof and house with earthy tones

You may have been looking at websites showing all sorts of fancy color combinations. However, all of them can be traced back to one principle. That is to stick with the basics. 

Earthy tones will always work, whatever the exterior colors for your home are. Stick to black, browns, greys, and red. All of these are derived from clay, slate, and wood, which have been used for roofing since man started building shelter. 

Once you know this, you just have to decide the best color to match your walls or siding. The good thing is you can easily change these with paint. So if you wanted a grey stone roof and need to modify the overall color scheme, factor painting into your budget

The Illusion of Size

Creating size using shingles is one design aspect many people fail to consider. Using darker colors will cause an area to appear small and push it back. Lighter colors make objects look bigger and help them stand out. 

This can have a huge impact, especially on the curb appeal of your home. Though the property won’t actually look bigger on the inside, at first glance people will assume it is. Luckily, that is when most of their decisions are made. 

How to Match Roof Shingles to House Color

If you do go with darker types of roof shingles, always keep any siding a lighter color. This is to give the visual look of the roof being further back, holding the property in the space. With tall houses, it can also make them seem closer to the ground and get rid of a narrow, cramped image. 

This should only be ignored if the siding is very dark in the first place. Trying to get a darker roof would severely limit your choices of colors. 

Balance is the key to approaching this. If the facade or siding of your house is dark, then lighter shingles can pull it forward and make it stand out. If the house is light, darker shingles can add the illusion of depth.

Climate Counts

Depending on your climate, shingles can play a huge part in regulating the temperature. It is simple physics. Dark colors hold and retain heat, while light colors will reflect it. 

As such, colder climates should opt for darker colors. The build-up of heat, if your roof has sufficient ventilation, will also help melt snow in the winter without forming ice dams. 

Light colors will reflect the heat. You will find the house is cooler in summer and may even see this in your AC bills. 

Look at the Neighborhood

Another consideration is the neighborhood. You don’t want to be the person who drags down house prices with their modern hot pink roof. Yet you also need to retain a degree of individuality. 

Look at the houses around and adjacent to yours. You need a color scheme that will stand out slightly but not be too intrusive. For this, stick with the neutral colors discussed before, but try some shades and colors others have not ventured into. 

If you are governed by a homeowners association, it may help to check with them beforehand. They may have strict rules and regulations on what can and can’t be done with house and roof colors. 

Contemporary Homes

Sometimes, too much choice is a bad thing and with a contemporary home, the blank canvas can be overwhelming. Without a particular architectural style to follow, it can be hard to know what to do. You also don’t want to look exactly like the neighbors but don’t want to stand out too much. 

In this instance, always opt for darker types of roof shingles. They will blend in well with the other homes, and fit with the myriad of color schemes you may decide upon for the rest of the house. 

Mistakes to Avoid

gray roof shingles

Whilst there are a lot of ways to help you choose shingles to match your house, there are also a lot of things you should avoid. The first is choosing your shingles by looking at the color and texture in a brochure. These never match up correctly and it is hard to visualize them on your property. 

What you should do, is get a sample of the shingles. Test them in the natural lighting around your home, and compare them to your walls, sidings, and fittings. This will give a much better idea of how they look in the correct environment. 

Many companies will be more than willing to provide you with a selection of samples. Simply ask how long you can have them. 

Finally, don’t forget to match them with other roof areas in your home. You may have outbuildings, annexes, or sheds that also have a roof. While they may not be visible from the front of the house, they need to be themed for when people view the property from the sides and back. 

Speak with an Expert

You don’t need to find a design expert that knows how to match roof shingles to house color. Your suppliers will have had plenty of experience and seen the good and not so good. Speak with them about your choice and see what they say. 

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